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My primary expertise lies in graph modeling and analysis. In other words, modeling a domain as a graph and traversing that graph to solve problems. I work on open source and commercial graph tools at Apache TinkerPop and DataStax.


Apache TinkerPop


A data-oriented virtual machine and language



A graph computing framework



Blueprints: Property Graph Data Model and its Implementations
A universal driver for the graph database community


Pipes: A Lazy Data Flow Framework
A combinator-based data flow framework


Frames: An Object to Graph Framework
Exposes any Blueprints graph as a collection of interrelated domain objects


Furnace: A Graph Algorithms Package
Perform standard graph analysis algorithms on Blueprints-based property graphs


Gremlin:  A Graph Traversal Language
A domain specific language for expressing graph traversals


Rexster: A Graph Server
A standalone server for Blueprints-enabled graphs


LoPSideD: An Implementation of the Linked Process Protocol
A framework for Internet-scale distributed computing



Titan: Distributed Graph Database
A cluster-oriented graph database
(project lead is Matthias Broecheler)


Faunus: Graph Analytics Engine
A cluster-oriented graph processing framework



Rodriguez, M.A., Shinavier, J., “Linked Process: An Internet-Scale Distributed Computing Protocol,” Center for Nonlinear Studies, Los Alamos National Laboratory, LA-CC-09-058, 2009.
(currently a ProtoXEP with the XMPP Standards Foundation)


Rodriguez, M.A., Shinavier, J., “The Core Ontology,” Semantic Network Research Group, Knowledge Reef Systems, July 2008.
(used by Knowledge Reef Systems Inc. – kReef) (used by the Getty Museum)

Rodriguez, M.A., “The Neno/Fhat Specification,” Digital Library Research and Prototyping Team, Research Library, Los Alamos National Laboratory, May 2007.
(used by Neno/Fhat)

Rodriguez, M.A., Bollen, J., Van de Sompel, H., “MESUR OWL Ontology,” Los Alamos National Laboratory, January, 2007.
(used by MESUR)

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