[2001—2007] University of California at Santa Cruz

  • Philosophiæ Doctor in Computer Science [2007]
  • Masters in Computer Science [2004]

[2004] Santa Fe Institute for Complexity Science Summer School Program

  • Certificate of Study in the Science of Complexity

[1997—2001] University of California at San Diego

  • Bachelors of Science in Cognitive Science
  • Minor in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts - Computer Music


[2018—Present] RReduX (Founder & CEO)

[2018—2019] S/V Red Herring (Captain — Sabbatical)

[2015—2018] DataStax (Director of Engineering — Aurelius Acquisition)

[2011—2015] Aurelius (Founder & CEO)

[2009—Present] Apache TinkerPop (Co-Founder & Project Management Committee)

[2010—2013] Neo Technology (Neo4j Fellow — Advisor)

[2010—2011] AT&T Interactive (Graph Systems Architect)

[2009—2010] Santa Fe Complex (Director of Science)

[2007—2009] Knowledge Reef Systems Inc. (Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer)

[2005—2010] Los Alamos National Laboratory

[2004—2008] Vrije Universiteit Brussel

[2001—2004] University of California at Santa Cruz

  • GAANN Fellow at the Jack Baskin School of Engineering
  • Graduate Research Assistant for the Collective Intelligence Research Group
  • Graduate Research Assistant for Santa Cruz Agent Technology and Environments Group
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant for Computer Architecture Course

[1997—2001] University of California at San Diego

  • Undergraduate Researcher at the Center for Research and Computing in the Arts
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant for the Distributed Cognition and Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory